Saturday, June 28, 2008


KeyScrambler is a great program that scramblers your keystrokes on account login's. This will protect you from keylogger programs. KeyScrambler is free, but they have some paid versions for more protection. The free version should be enough for most of you though. This version works in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Free Online Storage

I wanted to touch on this because it's something we should all be doing. Backing up your music, photo's and documents is very important in today's digital world. Sure, you can save them to a CD or an external hard drive, but in the unfortunate case your hard drive crashes or your home goes up in flames most likely your information would be lost. Most fire proof safes are made to protect your paper documents not plastic cd's so they will probably melt. Which brings me to online backup services.

My subscribers know the MaddenCorner is all about free 99% percent of the time, and today I bring free options for backing up your media. All items listed below are free and with most you can gain more storage by recommending it to friends or upgrading to a paid account if you choose. Also, most of these have features for creating slideshows, playlists, and allow sharing files publicly or privately.



Driveway-2GBs(Share a few friends email address and instantly get an extra 10GBs)

iDrive-2GBs (Share a few friends email address and instantly get an extra 10GBs)

Windows Skydrive-5GBs

Ghost-5GBs (Virtual Desktop previous article here)

4shared-5GBs (Must log in every 30 days to keep account)

You can also back up your sensitive data by encrypting it with TrueCrypt, and then uploading it to one of these services. Until next time, peace!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Make Gmail your email home

Gmail is your one stop shop when it comes to email. With its free 6GB of storage and their excellent spam filtering, you can't go wrong. What also makes Gmail pop is the Firefox Browser. If you're not using it, you should be. It's more secure than IE and it has a ton of add-ons which is what really makes it the best browser out there. With Gmail you can receive all your other email accounts in one location. You can set up folders to distribute those emails and keep them separate from your Gmail inbox. You can also set up Gmail to send emails from all your external accounts. So if you want to send an email from your Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL account you can do all of it from Gmail by simply clicking on the from tab when composing a new message.

If you're not familiar with POP Forwarding you will have to go to the setting page of your other email account and enable it. (Instructions for Forwarding Yahoo, AOL,)

To email from another account, setup is easy. All you have to do is enter the email account you want to add and Gmail will send you a verification email to that account. Click on the link or simply enter the code to that account and you're done. Now you can control all your email in one centralized location. No more going all over the place. Another great thing is that you can set up your work account and email from it at home.
Another advantage to Gmail is the versatility of the email address. Let's say you have a folder in your Gmail account that's labeled Work Stuff and your address is . To make items go directly into that folder just email it to Also it doesn't matter if your email address is or it still will go to your account. One more tip that saves some time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scan Life

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Just when you thought cell gadgets had run it's course Scan Life breaths new life into your camera phone. This is accomplished by taking an image of a 2D barcode. The barcode will take you to the website or provide information to whatever it is associated with. So let's say your in the mall and you see a movie poster with the barcode. Scan it and find out show times or additional movie information. Here is a video were the Air Force used this technology to give people additional information about there exhibit.

As you can see the possibilities are limitless when it comes to uses for this commercially and privately. The Madden Corner got in the beta test and I created a barcode for this blog.

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