Friday, September 7, 2007

Playing the Pace

Playing the Pace is something I took from a motorcycling article "Riding the Pace". Which is nothing more than not riding above your ability and being aware of your surrounding. How does this apply to football you ask? Simple, football is a game of pace. It's not always 100 miles an hour an the announcer screaming "and-he-could-go-all-the-way" Now this may seem like stuff you already know, but from time to time we all get complacent in our game play.

So lay off the speed burst when running the ball. When your not pacing your play, you may not be giving your blockers time to set up and create the holes you need. Also varying your speed means the defender must do the same. It throws off the defense when you change gears.

Be aware of your surroundings. Understand the plays you choose. Know how your run plays will develop, and who is your best run blocker. Know how many steps your QB will drop back on a play. Have situational plays for the entire game. Don't run the same play more than twice. Read the defense and have audibles ready that could exploit a blitz, pass, or zone defense. Know your WR routes. Practice and understand how he will reacted if he's jammed at the line. Don't be afraid to throw the ball away(make sure your outside the pocket). 2 and 10 is better than 2 and 15 any day.

Same thing on defense. Don't always charge in there. Sometimes a slight delay can give you the advantage you need. Always makes sure your best players are in the game. If you don't have any solid players then put in your fastest ones. If the make a mistake at least you can have a chance to recover. The main things is if you want to be the best on the block or online you have to practice and be patient.

Now a tip for when your playing your buddies head up. So your friend doesn't know what play your calling hold the "A" button for Xbox or the "X" button for PS3 on the play you want. Then just keep scrolling through the playbook, but don't let go of the button. The play you pressed the button on is the play that will be ran. Your friend want know that because once you release the button you can be on any play. So if you pick a pass release on a run play or vise versa.

That's it for this week, until next time Peace!