Monday, March 7, 2011

My top 10 list: What is YouTube Really Good For?

I think a lot of non-techie people subconsciously have this question. What is YouTube really good for? Your first thought is probably viral video's and people doing things they really shouldn't. Now don't get me wrong this is true, but YouTube is way more than a comedy site. It's a collection of things from A-Z and from people all over the world. You can find information on everything and anything. Maybe your having a car problem? There is a video's for that! Regardless of your need I'm positive you can find help on YouTube. So today I compiled a list of things for you to consider.

These are just a few things YouTube can be of used for. So tell me, how do you use YouTube?

10. Movie/Game Trailers - See the latest film/game trailers in HD.

09. Music - Just about every artist has a YouTube channel. You can also find a lot of DJ's and everyday Joe's that will upload their own mixes of a track or just the song in general. YouTube is the place young people are going for music. Because with tools like YouTube MP3 you can download the song right from the video. 

08. Car Shopping - You will find major car companies and even your local dealers may have a YT channel. Also find personal and professional reviews. Checkout Kelly Blue Book

07. Car Repair- Last year one of my headlights when out on my SUV and I was told it would be $87 to replace it. Needless to say I wasn't paying that much to replace a headlight, but my owner's manual gave no instructions on how to take my front grill apart. So a quick trip to YT and I found a detail video on how to get the job done. I watched the video from my cell phone making that much easier to follow the instructions.

06 Cell Phone Shopping- The first thing I do before I buy a new phone is to checkout all the reviews on YouTube. Sites like Phone Dog and Phone Scoop get to test the phones before they hit market. You can get the pros and cons ahead of time.

05. Cooking Instructions - Not that great in the kitchen? You can find a wealth of recipes and tips.

04. Sports/Workout - Need to get back in shape? Or maybe you have a child or grandchild that needs some instruction in a sport.

03. Computer Tips/Upgrade - Another great source on how to help fix a problems that arises, or learn how to upgrade your memory. (Madden Corner Tip)

02. Home Improvement- Checkout Lowe's and Home Depot both provide you with tips to get the job done. You can find video's to tackle just about any project.

01. The Viral Video- The viral video has made people like Antoine Dodson famous overnight. However it's not all about the laughs. YouTube allows you to become and I-reporter and with mobile technology you can upload video's from anywhere. It gives the average person the ability to tell their story and viewers the chance to see a personal prospective on local and world events. YouTube was one of the top tools use by the people of Eygpt during the recent crisis there.