Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What would happen if the power went off?

This Saturday at about 2:00am I lost power for about 9 hours. The freezing temperatures blew two transformers and 1500 people were without power. This continued over the weekend in different areas of the county. I'm sure most people don't expect something like this to happen in Florida, but it did.  All this would come right after watching Armageddon Week on the history channel. To make a long story short the main area of focus was how quick our society would change by a pandemic.

If to many people became ill from an unstoppable flu strain there would be no one to do the work because most-likely there would be a national quarantine in place . Between the numbers sick and lost to the flu there would be no one around to take care of the things that enable us to do the things we love like blogging, social networking, using the internet, and run the electric companies. Everything we have come to use or rely on would be gone with no power and become meaningless overnight. So my tech tip for today is make sure you have the necessities for you and your family. In a catastrophic event here's are a list of the things you would want to have.

#1- Nonperishable food that could last your family 90 days and plenty of water. You can go 30 days without food, but only three days without water.

#2- Plenty of extra basic medicines and antibiotics if you can get your hands on some.(More soilders died in the Civil War from infections than gunshot wounds)

#3-Lot's of batteries, battery powered radio and a Ham Radio to communicate with people. 

Everything we do or accomplish in life requires some form of preparation. All though an event like this may seem unlikely it never hurts to follow the old Boy Scouts motto of "Be prepared".


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