Thursday, October 28, 2010

Increase Productivity and Save Money with USPS Online

I'm sure everyone's favorite chore is stopping by the Post Office and waiting in line...not. I know this is the last way I want to spend my time, and with the holidays rush right around the corner here's a tip to remove one task from your list. If you haven't noticed the USPS has step into the 21st century.

Go to and set up a free account. Then you have the ability to print postage, create an address book, get free Priority mail supplies mailed to you, get lower prices for shipping online, and free Priority mail pickup right from your door. I use Priority mail all the time because the variety of shipping packages, and the flat rate pricing. To give my Priority mail a more professional look I purchased some adhesive labels from Label Universe.

For those times where a Priority mail box want work you can take it a step further and buy your own scale for less than $30. So no more waiting in line or excuses for why you didn't get that package shipped in time. Sending mail can now become a pleasant experience from the comfort of your home. Check back next Wednesday for tips on receiving packages when your away from home.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ViewLikeUs-All Screens are Not Created Equal

Have you ever wonder how your website looks on different platforms, like mobile phones and computer monitors of different sizes? Well ViewLikeUs has the solution. ViewLikeUs allows you to see your web page in different resolutions.  Type in your web address at the top right of the page and click "checkup". ViewLikeUs will then show your webpage in the main screen.

You can then toggle between the different tabs to see how your site appears in different resolutions.  My main PC has a 22 inch monitor. After redoing my Twitter background I discovered the background  didn't appear the same on a 15 inch monitor. So this could be a great tool for you  to use anytime your making changes to your web page or to see how your site appears on smaller devices.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Improve Your PC's Load Time

Windows XP users go to Start-Run and then type in MSCONFIG. Thanks to LaVender of MOMSWEB for pointing that out!