Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Improve Your PC's Load Time

Windows XP users go to Start-Run and then type in MSCONFIG. Thanks to LaVender of MOMSWEB for pointing that out!


  1. Thanks, Alvin. The only problem I had was finding the place to type 'msconfig'. When I clicked on start, there was no box to type, so I used my brain and clicked on 'search' and 'run' and 'run' was where I typed 'msconfig'.

  2. If your running windows 7 or Vista its that search bar on the bottom there. you could just type MSCONFIG in there you dont need to do run then msconfig.

    Old trick but good to point out to those that dont know.

  3. Also you should put a screen print of the System Config change screen that comes up after a reboot so people dont freak out.

  4. Yes Kevin in the video I forgot to tell XP users that they have to go to run since they don't have the search box.


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