Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pointui on WM6

As always I'm searching the net for the newest, and coolest gadgets or applications. Since the Iphone hit the market everyone has been looking for a slick interface to install on their Windows Mobile phone. Just the other night I came across Pointui. I think this is a great application with a lot of potential. If you look at YouTube there are a lot of programs out there that either mimic the Iphone exactly, or are modeled after the HTC Touch Flo.

Granted this does have finger swiping action, but I really like their approach. The video below shows you first hand the smooth interface. Some people are complaining about the lack of customization features but, people, when it's FREE I'm not complaining. They do ask for donations if you like their product, but even at this stage I think it's worth a few bucks. If they add in some menu changes and a shortcut contact list, this will become a true winner.

I've been using Touch Commander, but right now it is still a little buggy. So checkout the demo and go to their website and download it. Enjoy!


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