Saturday, June 21, 2008

Free Online Storage

I wanted to touch on this because it's something we should all be doing. Backing up your music, photo's and documents is very important in today's digital world. Sure, you can save them to a CD or an external hard drive, but in the unfortunate case your hard drive crashes or your home goes up in flames most likely your information would be lost. Most fire proof safes are made to protect your paper documents not plastic cd's so they will probably melt. Which brings me to online backup services.

My subscribers know the MaddenCorner is all about free 99% percent of the time, and today I bring free options for backing up your media. All items listed below are free and with most you can gain more storage by recommending it to friends or upgrading to a paid account if you choose. Also, most of these have features for creating slideshows, playlists, and allow sharing files publicly or privately.



Driveway-2GBs(Share a few friends email address and instantly get an extra 10GBs)

iDrive-2GBs (Share a few friends email address and instantly get an extra 10GBs)

Windows Skydrive-5GBs

Ghost-5GBs (Virtual Desktop previous article here)

4shared-5GBs (Must log in every 30 days to keep account)

You can also back up your sensitive data by encrypting it with TrueCrypt, and then uploading it to one of these services. Until next time, peace!

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