Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Update- Unfortunately Ghost has been discontinued as of June 2010.

I've been reviewing a few online Virtual Desktops for a while now, and I think Ghost (Global Hosted Operating SysTem) may have the most potential. Ghost gives you 5GB of free storage, and 3GB for your Ghost email account. You also can get 1 more gigabyte for inviting a friend. 9 free gigabytes is pretty impressive. With your Virtual Desktop you get all the bells and whistles.

They have integrated Zoho Docs to take care of your office needs along with just about everything you come to expect when you sit down at your computer. You can also upload files via FTP. The Ghost browser gives you the option of surfing the web directly or anonymously. What really surprised me is the speed and how smooth it is for a web based system. I tried Ulteo and it was has good qualities, but a little slow. Plus Ulteo is limited and if you want more time and storage you have to get a paid account.

Use Ghost's virtual MP3 player to listen to all your tunes. Change your desktop background with a Ghost provided image or upload your own. Ghost has also added a few widgets to use on your virtual computer with more to come.

This system is hosted on Amazon Web Services. I think right off the back this gives them credibility. Using a trusted merchant like Amazon to store your personal data is a good move. Ghost could benefit those who still can't afford a computer but have access to one. It allows you to leave your thumb drive at home, without losing the ability to access your pictures, music and video's from anywhere on the internet. I've created a short video below to give you a quick look at the Ghost Desktop. It may appear to be a little slower, but that's because of the recording program. Watch in full screen for best viewing. Give Ghost a try. Until next time peace!

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  1. Nice article.

    A valuable option here. This would benefit those who do not have a computer but have access to one as in an internet cafe. I like the idea of Zoho intergration which allows you to do you office work


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