Monday, May 26, 2008

Drop.IO (Upadate 8-20-10)

*Drop has a new Firefox Extension that makes moving files easy. Check it out at their website. Drop 
*Set Drop to expire up to one year.
*Web conferencing and chat

DropIO is a simple, but pretty cool site. It allows you to share pictures, audio, video and documents securely. Drops are not searchable via the internet. This great for individual exchanges or with a group. With the free account you get 100MB of storage ($10 gets you 1GB for a year). You don't have to sign up, and you can make the drop last anywhere from a week to a year. You can create an Admin password if you want continued access to your Drop. Drop allows you to set up free conference calls and receive free faxes (you must have an Admin log in for this feature). With your drop number and pin access you can also get messages and they will be saved to your account as a MP3 file.

You can send files to Drop via email or MMS text messaging, and with the admin feature you can give out a password to share with your friends. So how can this help you? Most email services put at 20MB limit on attachments so this is a great way to move a file to someone. Next having a way to receive faxes without a fax machine is another cool item. Need to leave a number, but don't want to give out your own. Use your Drop number to receive messages. I've been using this for about two weeks now and I really like it. Until next time peace.

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