Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Facebook Email Will Not be a Gmail Killer

A lot of buzz over the past 24 hours has been in the air about Facebook offering a new email service. While innovation is always exciting it doesn't necessarily mean people are going to jump ship and change the way they communicate. Nielsen 2009 report on "Global Faces and Network Places" showed that from December of 2007 to December of 2008 internet usage was up 18% globally, however among 'Member Communities' it rose by 63% and Facebook saw an enormous increase of 566% (3.1 billion minutes spent online to 20.5 billion). This was the highest amongst the 75 most popular brands online worldwide.

Facebook has 500 million members and is constantly growing. To contact anyone on your Facebook friends list you simply go to messages and type their name (no email address required). Several recent surveys show that most people under 18 prefer Facebook and SMS as their primary means of communication over email. With that being said Facebook's new email offer maybe exciting, but there is no reason as of yet to believe that it will overtake Gmail and the number integrated services it already offers.

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