Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Personalize Your Blog or Amazon Store

Blog branding is one of the first things you must consider when creating a blog. One of the first tools I became associate with was GDI. GDI is a company that owns the .WS domain name. I initially used it because the domain names I own now were not available at the time. I also like the fact that I was able to get 10 personalized email address (example@maddencorner.ws) and setup my own website for my Amazon Store. I use the email addresses for this blog and for my children. Since I am the administrator of the account it made it easy for me to monitor what kind of emails they receive. So really it provided me with what I need for my blog, but also a little peace of mind when my little girls asked daddy for their own email addresses.

Now if your not that technical don't worry setup is easy with the custom templates provided. GDI charges $10 a month, but gives you a 7 day free trail just to checkout all the services offered. So if you don't like, don't keep it. I've been using the service for about two years now and I have no complaints. Even if you don't blog you can use the custom web templates and email addresses for your small business or anything else you can think of. GDI is also presented as a way to earn passive income. So if you need a simple and quick way to personalize your blogging GDI can meet your needs.

For all the details click here.

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