Thursday, April 10, 2008

DDN Mobile

First off a big thanks to all of you that have subscribed to the blog. I appreciate it. Keep passing it along. DDN Mobile is something I've been using a while. It's not free unfortunately, but it's only 2 bucks a month. For that 2 dollars you can make all the ring tones you want from the music you already own. Just upload your song and crop the exact part you like. I don't know about other carriers, but Sprint at least charges a $1.99 per ring-tone, and from my experience it's not always the part of the song I want. So for the ability to make unlimited ring-tones I think it's a pretty good deal.

After completing the song you have the option to go directly to the site and get the song from the download queue (for all you mobile internet users) or you can have it send a direct link to your phone via text message and download it that way. Other options include changing the bit rate of the song, increasing the volume and choosing between CD and Radio quality. Be carefully with adjusting the volume, you could bust your speakers if you made it to loud. A 10% change should be sufficient for a little extra sound. Which is what i do.

The next cool part is, if others have decide to share there ring-tones you can download them. Less work for you. Just search for what your looking for. You can also find games, wallpapers, and applications as well (if they are compatible with your phone). Also if you don't see your phone don't worry, just find one that's close to yours and it should work just fine. That's what I had to do with my Samsung MM A900, but now I own the HTC Mogul. As always I hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

***Price Update****
We offer a few different payment plans and payment options.

1. Full Month Access - Recurring
* Charge per month - $3.50
* Minimum term - 3 months
* No download or upload limit
2. Full Month Access - NON Recurring
* Charge per month - $5.50
* No minimum term
* No automatic payments
* No download or upload limit
3. Full Year Access - NON Recurring
* Charge per year - $32.00
* No minimum term
* No automatic payments
* No download or upload limit

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