Monday, May 2, 2011

What is the Cloud and Why it's Important to You

Cloud computing is a term that is being used more and more over the past year or two, but surprisingly many still don't know, or understand what term means. If you're unfamiliar with cloud computing I'll bet you'll be surprised that most-likely you use it every day. If you have a web based email account like Gmail or Yahoo then you're in the "cloud". Simply put cloud computing refers to any program that is not housed on your local computer.

Think of it as out-sourcing. Instead of using a program on your computer you're using a application online which gives you access to that information from anywhere and various devices. This is why online backup services like Carbonite and Mozy can be life savers. Having a backup drive for your computer is great idea and I highly recommend it, but most backup drives will not survive a fire or flood. So taking the extra step to back up your important information in the "cloud" is a valuable resource you should not overlook. You can also find some non-paid sources to backup or have access to our information from anywhere. (See Previous Post)

Another form of cloud computing I believe will even become more popular are virtual computers. Simply log into an account and get an entire operating system.  You have access to everything you would on a normal PC except it's all in an on line interface. To see one in action checkout EyeOS. It's currently in the early stages, but it will give you a feel for what a virtual desktop is like.

The Cloud is a very important part of our digital life and embracing it can help make your life a lot easier. Is there something in the world of technology you don't understand? Drop me a note and I'll answer your questions.