Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cloudty Let's You Report the Weather

If you don't know I'm a weather forecaster. So I'm always looking for something cool in the world of weather. The other day I came across this cool web app named Cloudty. It's like Twitter except you report the current weather conditions. Cloudty gives you the option of sharing your location and sign up is simple with Twitter and Facebook integration. It can be used for anywhere in the world. If you have a home weather station this is a great way to put that information to use.  

Twitter user interaction is what makes it great, and I see Cloudty having that same kind of potential once more people get on board.   Cloudty can be accessed through your mobile browser and was created by Mario Trunz a web developer out of Ontario, Canada.  The site is only a few month old, and Mario says there more plans and improvements to come. Hopefully a mobile app is not far off and the ability to upload pictures. So give Cloudty a try and start reporting.