Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where's My Droid

It's Android App week. Today's app is a must for any Android user. Where's my Droid will help you find your phone if it's missing in a few ways. Let's say you're at home and forgot to turn your ringer back up, and now you can't find your phone. No worries, Where's my Droid can be activated when called from a specific number. I would recommend getting a Google Voice number (past post)  if you don't already have one (now open to the public). This way it's a number that will only activate the program when you want it to. When the call is received from your special number W.M.D turns the ringer to full volume. Your phone can also turn up the ringer via text message. Another good reason to have a Google Voice account.

The second feature (hopefully this never happens) is when your phone is totally lost. W.M.D allows you to activate your phone's GPS with an attention word. It will then send you a text message with the GPS location of your phone (may take a few minutes). The text message will be the actual latitude and longitude coordinates, but if you tap on it. It will open via Google Maps. Where's my Droid is a donation application so show the developer some support, and checkout his video below for more information.

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