Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cheese Head

Now from the title you may think I live in Wisconsin and have a number 4 in the window of my pickup truck. Not even close. This week I want to talk about the all debated topic of cheese on Madden. There are probably to things many to cover here, because if you look around all the message boards across the net, eveyone has there own ideology of what cheese is.

Well for me cheese is using anything that's not in the real game of football. So all you nano blitzers out there I'm talking about you! I thought I was a pretty good player a few years ago. Amongst the buddies I played with I didn't lose a game between 1999-2003. One time I was down by 21 with under 3 minutes in the fourth quarter and came back. The good old days.

Then I went to the world wide web and I got a rude awakening. The very first online game I played on Madden 04 the guy comes out in a goal line blitz. I'm thinking to myself "he's an idiot this is a touch down". Before my hand was off the X button I was sacked. It took me the entire first half to get a hold of all the things he was doing. Needles to say I didn't think I was good anymore.

In the second half I managed to put somethings together and take him off his nano blitz rocker. By the fourth quarter he gave up and pulled the old plug on me. But wait, what is this, I get back to the main menu and I didn't get a win?? Another hard lesson learned by the hand of a cheeser. They work there cheese whiz magic, and find ways to get out of games they can't win playing "staight8" football. I don't even want to talk about the studda step. That was just sicking.

So I'm trying to figure out win did all this start? Win did people get the idea that breaking all the rules to get a win is something to be proud of? Even if your a hardcore gamer and you're at all the Madden Challenges you still haven't accomplished anything. Do people honestly think they done something good because they cheated there way to a win or up the leader boards online?

I really feel like it's a generational gap and too many people these days want something for nothing. No one wants to work or actually have a real skill at something. They want all the "bling bling" to fall in there lap for little effort. That's why I'm apart of the Madden Players League. After to much frustration with online play, I had to find people like myself , who played for the love of the game. And thanks to every one's best friend Google I did just that. I haven't played in any other leagues but I can tell you this one is great.

They have a nice set of rules in place and everyone respects each other. Also the boards are active with many different topics. No league would be complete without a few trash talkers, and they got those too. All in good fun of course. The best part for everyone it's FREE. Also if your interested they have a few spots still open for the new season so check it out. I would like everyone to post any give your best cheese stories and some of the crazy things you have seen online. Tells about anything new you have seen in 08 as well. Next week I'm going to talk about ways you can improve your game. "Cheese Free" of course. Until next time Peace!

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