Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1 week down

So far Madden 08 has been out for a week and a big debate is the PS3 is playing at 30fps and the Xbox 360 is at 60fps. Also we have some online connectivity issues. I'm very happy with the visuals so far. I have not played the Xbox version (not a fan either) but I will give EA the benefit of a doubt on this one since the PS3 did come out later than the Xbox. I love the changes that have been added over the PS3 version from 07.

I barely played that version. It seemed very rushed and a lot of features were just simply left out that you had on PS2. This was suppose to be next Generation gaming but EA dropped the ball on this one . A very big disappoint for myself. Now on 08 I've played about 5 or 6 games online and I've been booted from all but one.

Rumor mill has it EA is coming out with a patch to fix some of the online issue. Well I hope this true. It's all about the online gaming and taking your buddies. Next thing I've heard people are upset about not having is online league play. With the popularity of Madden you would think EA would be all over this. With all the events around the country I thought this would be a no brainier! Can we get a patch for that EA?

I have to say adding the ESPN Sport Radio is a very nice addition. I liked that one from playing Tiger Woods 07. The Game Cast and video highlights are a very nice touch also. Now if they could really take it to the next level and let me have highlights from my online play, or if I could watch my buddies games in the Game Cast and not just get the score board that would be tight.

The one thing I can say the game play feels more real and the defensive AI is much better. Although I am worried that interceptions might be a huge problem this year. In the one online game I did get to play I had about 3 or 4 picks and 2 of those I took to the house from the Red Zone. The new player weapons adds to the realism, but will those become the new cheesers dream? Which is a whole nother blog. What is cheesing and what isn't. Will hit that up next time. Enjoy the new year of Madden I'll post again next week. Until then everyone weigh in.

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