Friday, April 1, 2011

Madden Corner Giveaway! Show Me Your Desktop!

So what does your desktop look like? Are a neat freak, or do you keep things all over the place. Me personally I like the minimalist approach, but with all the functionality. (video below) It's simple and clean. I took the back ground photo last year on a flight to Texas. 

By day I'm a weather forecaster so it's hard to pass up a good sky shot. The bar at the top is Nexus and it has plenty of options for customization.  The clock is from Rain Meter and it offers a lot of widgets and it keeps memory usage to a minimum. Now its time to show me yours. The winner will get $30 bucks just for showing me their desktop. How easy is that?

Now for the rules. To enter you get 1 point for doing these two things

Like my Facebook fan page and upload a picture or short video of your desktop.
Retweet this post and leave your tweet link with your comment here on the Madden Corner.

Get a bonus point for doing either of these things.

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Each point equals one vote. Each contestant can recieve a maxium of two votes if the bonus item is completed. Votes will be add for each contestant and the winner will be randomly selected on Thursday April 14th 2011 and announced Friday April 15th 2011. Winner will be contacted through his/her entry methods. The Madden Corner reserves the right to void any enter for not following the rules or any other reason deemed necessary. If any entry is voided another winner will be selected and notified immediately. Winner will be paid through Paypal within 5 days of notification. Entering contest means you agree to all the terms listed above. For any questions please use the contact tab at the top of this page and thank you for your participation.