Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get A Paid Android App Free Everyday

Did the word free grab your attention? Well it did if for me. A few months ago Amazon announced that they were coming out with an app store and I pretty much ignored it, my mistake. If you're an Android fan you may already be using AppBrain or another 3rd party application site, but Amazon have set themselves apart in a big way. They're giving away a FREE paid app every day! Which if you're an app junkie then you can't pass that up. First you will need to have an Amazon account and credit card on file if you don't already. They want charge you, but you will get an email saying you have been billed $0.00 for your current purchase.

Before downloading the Amazon App Store you will need to make a change on your phone. Go to Menu-Settings-Application and then check allow "Unknown Sources" box. Next go to the Amazon App Store and enter your phone number in the upper right corner. You will receive a text to download the app store. After the app has downloaded and installed simply enter in your Amazon username and password and you're good to go.

Amazon gives out one free paid app every 24 hours. Even if it's an app you're not interested in download it anyway. Because once you download an app it will remain in your Amazon app account even if you deleted if from your phone. That way if you change your mind you want have to pay for it later. How do you manage your android apps? Are you already using the Amazon App Store?