Friday, January 21, 2011

Save Money on Your Next Mobile Upgrade

Hey I'm back! Had to take a short sabbatical, sorry for the inconvenience. Today I want to hip you to getting the most out of your sell phone upgrade. You may also want to check out my previous post (Why you shouldn't go cheap on your next cell phone) I purchased the HTC Hero last March and became an instant Android fan. By September however I was running out of space because I'm an app junkie. So of course I looked to the next big thing the HTC Evo.

My anniversary date wasn't until January 1, 2011 which means I had to have a little bit of patients, but by waiting I would get $250 dollars off the phone. A $150 dollar instant discount (online) and $100 dollar mail in rebate. Not to mention Android 2.2 aka (Froyo) would be on the device by the time I got it. So now I've got a $450 dollar phone down to $200, and by ordering online Sprint waives the activation fee. Which brings me to the core points?

1. Be patient- Unless your phone is falling apart then wait it out. It will save you $$$ and technology changes so much something even better may be out by the time you're anniversary date rolls around.

2. Buy Online- It's ok to go in the store and checkout the phone in person, but make your purchases online because that's where you will get the most savings.

3. Save even more mone- Gazelle is a site that buys used electronics. After upgrading simply go to their site and enter the condition of your of your old phone. If your phone is worth something Gazelle will quote you on a price and give you a free shipping label. Once your device is received and inspected. Your check will be in the mail or you can get paid via Paypal. Selling your old phone can even further offset the cost of your new one. However, if your phone is not worth anything they will also ask you if you wish to recycle it.

4. Use YouTube- You can find out everything about the phone you're interested in, and how it performs in the real world. Plus find out the best apps and games to run on your prospective device.

5. Exception to rule- Sometimes BestBuy offers some blowout deals on new phones. So make sure you check them out in-store and online.

6. Discounts come at a price- If you're not happy with your current carrier then you may want to look at other options before you upgrade. Because most-likely you will have to extend your contract to get the low prices.

So remember be patient, and get the best and most for your money.

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