Friday, August 20, 2010

Dropbox for Android

This week I've highlighted useful Android apps. Today I'm closing out with Dropbox for Android. If your not familiar with Dropbox already it's a secure website that allows you to sync all of your data between devices. This is achieved by placing the Dropbox folder on your computer that sync's to your online account. You can place the D.B. folder on each computer you own. Every time you save a file to the D.B. folder it will sync it between your online account and all computers that you are using with Dropbox. The ability to sync your files between all devices saves time, eliminates email documents to yourself or carry a thumb drive.

A few months ago Dropbox introduced their Android application bringing the same functionality to your mobile device. So now regardless if your at home, work or on the road your never have to be without your important files again. Having Dropbox on your Android also expands your music library because you can play your music files directly from your Dropbox app. Dropbox gives you 2GB free and has pricing plans for more space if needed. I hope you enjoyed this week. Please sign up for email updates or follow this blog with Google Friend Connect.

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