Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beam it up Scotty!

Beam me up Scotty is a free service that allows you to upload most file types (jpg, .gif, .mpg, .avi, .flv and more) to there site and converts them into a mobile format. Then you will get a link that you can send your mobile device. Files can't be larger up to 30MB and a limit of 6 uploads per day. Also video and audio files will be cut after 5 minutes of run time.  Beam me up Scotty says in three steps you can upload your file on their site, choose the compression settings, and you get a download link sent via email. This works for any mobile platform, but you must have internet access. Use BIUS to convert a picture for a new screen saver compress a song to create a ringtone without having to hook your phone up to the computer.

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