Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recover deleted pictures

One wrong click on your digital camera and all your pictures are gone. Some recovery programs will cost you as much as $50, but don't panic there is a way to retrieve them, and it's free. When you initially delete a photo is not totally gone. It's still there, but if you take new pictures it will be gone for good. So the first thing is remove the memory card from your camera. Next download this program  Restoration. It's very simple and straight forward. Install the program on your desktop(Note-this program will not be installed on your computer you will have to click the icon in the folder for each use).

Unzip Restoration and select the destination folder. Click on the Unzipped folder and select the Restoration icon. Plug up your camera, or take out the memory card if you have a slot on your computer. Now just select the drive where your memory card is located and click "Search for deleted files". After it locates your files click "Restore by copying" Then just select where you would like the files saved. That's it your done and crisis averted.  You can also recover deleted files with this process.

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