Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Madden Patch fixes bugs

EA Sports finally released a patch for Madden 08 fixing problems that have been discussed in forums extensively online, and available on the Xbox for sometime now. To download the patch go to one of the online games modes like your going to start a game. Go into the game and it will automatically download the updated roster and patch. All you have to do is save it. After that just back out(unless your ready to play) Below is a list of what's been corrected.

# Fumble fix: Reduces the amount players fumble the ball when trying to catch quarterback passes.

# Defensive back reactions: Defensive players one-to-one capabilities have been modified, including preventing them reacting to passes they are unable to see.

# Quarterback moonwalk: Quarterbacks prevented from drifting around the field as though moonwalking.

# Online game reporting: Increased accuracy in online statistics collection.

# Franchise fix: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) import issue where players would turn 26 addressed.

# Franchise fix: Bug where hall of fame unlocked players cannot be released in franchise mode sorted.

# Franchise fix: Problem where the free agent pool would run out of certain positions fixed.

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