Friday, February 25, 2011

Mobile Security

The last few weeks I've covered how to protect yourself in various areas of your digital life. I decided to close this out by covering one of the biggest security risk that most of us have; the mobile phone. Our mobile devices have become such an intricate part of our lives and they contain a ton of personal information. 

Now just imagine if you lost your device? Or even worse your device has been compromised by a malicious app. This is why mobile phone security has become just as important as your personal computer. So today I have covered three apps. Two of the three will cost you, and the third you can upgrade for premium features.

Wavesecure came on the scene early last year and a few months ago was acquired by McAfee. It allows you to do everything from scheduling backups to locating your device. You can get a 7 day free trial and it will cost you $19.90/yr.

Lookout Mobile shares some of the same features as Wavesecure except it scans every app you download to make sure none are malicious, it tells you the permissions for every app, and what information each app may send out. It cost $2.99/m or 29.99/yr.

iHound has been around for a while and I first wrote about it in 2008. It's also the only one of the three that works on Apple products and now iHound offers warranties on your device as well. Their current warranty sale is $99 for two years ($11 bucks off the normal price). App prices seem to differ between Android and Apple. Android is on sale right now for $3.99/yr. Below is a chart covering each of the apps features. One correction to the chart below. Blackberry is not available for iHound yet.

Besides backing up your mobile device the most important feature of all three is locating your device if missing, erasing the device if lost, and turning up the volume if your phone is on vibrate/silent if misplaced. I currently use all three programs. Because I'm an app junkie :-) , and it doesn't hurt to have extra protection. So tell me, how are you protecting your device? Don't have a high-end phone yet? Checkout my previous post on "Why You Shouldn't Go Cheap On Your Next Cell Phone" and "Save Money on Your Next Mobile Upgrade"


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